Completed Projects

Triumph 650 with 1968 Engine

Custom made by us with an Amen Savior frame. Took a winter to build. Built it because we can.

Honda 750

Might also be an Amen Savior frame, Ken is old and can't remember anything. Built for someone else who enjoys fine motorcycles built by champions.

1968 Triumph 500

Same story as the Honda 750, customized it for a person in need of a bike that was cool.

Kenny Speed Racer

1966 Sears and Roebuck 124

The flagship of Ken's obsession with Sears and Roebuck motorcycles. It was raced in Morgantown for Mountainfest. Ken did not win, but I think it was rigged.

Yamaha 650

Made for "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" movie

Built for the Mysteries of Pittsburgh movie filmed in the Burgh. One of them gets blown up I think. It's a little strange movie but hey we have bikes in a movie.

1966 Sears and Roebuck 106

Another Sears in what is a long list of Sears that we have restored and built. It's a very nice blue.

1970 Triumph 650 Bobber

For Sale

Built over a winter, one of my favorite bikes.