Our Collection

1969 BSA Firebird Scramble

Found leaning up against a pole and restored to its natural beauty. This bike burned my leg once, not a fan.

Kenny Speed Racer, Pretty Chopper and Baby Blue

1966 Sears and Roebuck, 1970 Triumph Bobber and 1966 Sears and Roebuck are three of the bikes we have restored and customized. No longer have the Bobber, however, but it's a nice picture.

1968 175 Sears and Roebuck

We have not restored this Sears(yet?) but it's an interesting add to our collection regardless. Found very close to where we live, lucky enough.

1960 Matchless G12

One of the first bikes that Ken restored, it took four years to finally complete. And I think more money than he wanted to spend, but the end result was a classic, beautiful motorcycle.

2003 Alpha 250 VTwin

This sparkling baby is mine, giving to me on my 16th birthday in a back of a truck. The speedometer is in KM, but who checks how fast they're going on a motorcycle?

A1971 Yamaha G6, maybe

Found it in someone's basement in Mount Washington.

1966 Sears and Roebucks SS106

Found this after a trip to Ohio to buy a back up for our racing Sears bike and restored it.

1966 Sears and Roebucks 124

"Much" faster than the 106. It's been raced a few times at the Vintage race during Mountainfest in Morgantown.

1968 Triumph 650 Chopper

One of the three choppers we built a couple winters ago and decided to keep.

1978 Yamaha 650

Restored it and put a Triumph engine inside. So technically it's a 650 Triumph, I think, but Ken is giving me lip.

1978 Yamaha 650

Ken lost a finger in the mill and bought this bike brand new with the money they gave him.